Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tribute Mix - Richie Hawtin

A true pioneer of electronic music, Richie Hawtin, under his moniker of Plastikman, carved out a place in history with his own brand of techno. Forward thinking, he did minimal before it was popular, spearheading the creation of the sub-genre amongst more cacophonous and popular styles.

I think his music is most powerful when it's most minimal. Honestly its sometimes so good it fucking hurts me.

Go searching through the freezer for that last hit of acid, sit back, relax and tune out to the bleeps and clicks of the wicked Plastikman.

Plastikman - Are Friends Elektrik 
Plastikman - Elektrostatik 
Plastikman - Freek
Fuse - Fu2
Plastikman - Fuk 
Plastikman - Goo 
Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix)
Plastikman - Krakpot
Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange
Circuit Breaker - Overkil
Fuse - Substance Abuse
Plastikman - Rekall 
Plastikman - Marbles 
Plastikman - Ask Yourself 
Plastikman - Consume 
Plastikman - Converge 
Plastikman - Headcase 
Plastikman - Hypokondriak 
Plastikman - Mind In Rewind 
Plastikman - I Don't Know 
Plastikman - Spastik (Original Version)
Plastikman - Pannikattack 
Plastikman - Ping Pong 
Plastikman - Risk Assessment 
Plastikman - Slow Poke 
Plastikman - Drp 
Plastikman - Disconnect 
Plastikman - In Side 
Plastikman - Korridor 
Fuse - Flac
Plastikman - Plasmatik 
Plastikman - vokx
Plastikman - I No 
Plastikman - Plastique 
Plastikman - Pakard 
Plastikman - Passage In 
Plastikman - Lodgikal Nonsense 
Plastikman - Ovokx 
Plastikman - Passage Out 
Plastikman - Plasticene 
Plastikman - Plasticity 
Plastikman - Psyk 

Thanks to Tris & Newcastlebeats for the hosting.


  1. Cannot wait to get on this - been planning a 4 hour plastikman weird out mix for a while now, you saved me the bother - much obliged!