Sunday, December 2, 2012

20121202 - Dub Techno Mix

If you're in the northern hemisphere you're in winter. And for me dub techno has such a wintery feel to it so it seems to me like the perfect soundtrack to right now.

Fire up the kerosene heater, don your 6 layers, crack out the blankets and chill out to the sounds of my latest dub techno mix.

20121202 - Dub Techno Mix - Right Click to Download

By the way most of these tracks are available for free on the web from excellent labels such as and


Gennaro Molino - Crater
Toffee - Milkshake
Coppice Haifax - Royal Acre
Krisz Deak - Sublimaterial
Loose End - Morning Insomnia
DFRNT - Going The Distance
Soap - Synchrofall
Rob Velasquez - Clockwork
Maurizio Miceli - Children Of Dub
Lung - Whale Song
Axs - Terminal Velocity Iii
Sub.Made - Warm
As If - Rose From Above
Rob Velasquez - Viaje Infinito
Gaston Arevalo - verona
Sub.Made - Kalt
Fingers In The Noise - Empty Whisky Bottle
Kyle Erich Schulz - Suspicious Cloud
Mr Zu - Waters Edge
Malinade - Buk Dub {Dublicator's Remix}

Thanks to Tris & for the hosting

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