Saturday, May 24, 2014

Setagaya Summer Sessions 3

Summer hits Tokyo, like the bass in the place hits your face.

90mins of various styles of excellent drum & bass and the protojungles, perfect for your BBQ.

Setagaya Summer Sessions 3 - Right click to download

Axon - STTR
Blackjob - Rise Again (Sam Binga Remix)
Spirit, Digital - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)
Fracture - Better Than Tomorrow
D Bridge - Cornered
Silent Witness - FMB
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Re-mastered Original Mix)
Bayou - Careless
Trex - Loungin'
Skeptical, Collette Warren - Always Be Mine
Robustus - Secret Medicine
Mutt, Kevin King - Conversations (Rene LaVice & Gremlinz Remix)
Fre4knc - Tellurian
Olie Bassweight - Misanthropy (The Last Hero Remix)
Interline - Decay
Dexta - The Dogz
Breakage - Clarendon
Spinline - Life (Clarity Remix)
6Blocc - Lift Off
Raiden - 657
Robot Death Squad - Hot 9mm
Stakka, Ktee - Dream World
Gremlinz, Ahmad - Nibiru
Deep Rooted - Tokyo No Yoake
Karma - Terminal
Fade - Inspired By Insane
Disept, Zendi - Don't Walk Away
Optiv, BTK - Tapout
Fourward - Countdown Feat. Kyza
Tephra & Arkoze, Enkline, Marvelous Southstar - Concrete Rose
Calibre - Proof Positive
Quadrant, Iris, Kid Hops - Solar Wind (Kantyze Remix)
Rawtekk - Snowflakes
Safire, DLR - Hurdles
Chromatic - Funkanova
Skeptical - Tundra
Emperor, Ivy Lab - Pepper (Deft Remix)
DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Alix Perez - Make It Worth
Calibre, Drs - Eschaton feat. DRS
Escher, Blocks - Shadow Play
Skeptical - Static
Body & Soul - No One Here feat. Fourward (Body & Soul's Tribute to 97's)
Optiv, BTK - Midnight Nation (2am Remix)
Detail - Outrage
Incognito - Get In Line
Alix Perez - Gully Halves
Hyroglifics - Calling
Drifta & Static - Perception
Xtrah - Soundclash (VIP) - FREE TRACK
Ivy Lab - Missing Persons feat. Frank Carter III
Tephra & Arkoze - Illusion
Makai - Beneath the Mask

Thanks to Tris & Newcastlebeats for the hosting.

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