Saturday, September 6, 2014

Setagaya Summer Sessions 4

Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn is on the way. I've been meaning to do a drum & bass mix with this kind of texture for a while. Something emotive but mostly electronic and no pretentions towards an accoustic asthetic. Something to soothe during the heat, but also to warm the body.

So the order of the day is melodic, slightly abstracted clicky noises, beeps, filters and shit... if you like that too then you'll like this.

It seems like there's a lot of tracks by Justic and Metro here. I rediscovered their album "839" the other month and re-fell in love with it and so I went on a spending bizzo and ended up with a lot of stuff from Modern Urban Jazz. Unlike a lot of modern dance music albums 839 seems to have a concept, some kind of central theme or unifying element that lends a great deal to of consistency to the album. Much of Justice and Metro's output displays this kind of consistency.

Anyway, I probably won't have much time for mixing in a bit so enjoy whatever comes...

Survied & Envya - Femme Fatale
Justice & Metro - Solomon (Jason Os Remix)
Metro - Delete
Es.tereo & Marlyn - Winteria
Muted - Stratocumulus
ASC - Impasse
Justice & Metro - Human Thinking
Justice, Metro - Dope boy
Justice, Metro - Bosco
Justice & Metro - Solomon
Justice, Metro - Growl
Diamond Eye - Uninspired
Justice, Metro - Touch Feel (PFM Remix)
Deep Blue - Soho Code (Version X)
Black Rain - After Dark (You Need A Friend)
Justice & Metro - Play Loop
Justice - Autoglide
Deep Blue - Immersion
Sufi - River (Boymerang VIP Mix)
Justice & Metro - Igloo
Triad - Utopia
Justice, Metro - 2056
Justice & Metro - Sanur
Justice & Metro - Izmir