Friday, February 28, 2014

Metalheadz turns 20 years old celebration mix.

Metalheadz is legendary, I'm almost without words that express what this label meant to my musical "education". Over the years there's been so many finely crafted pieces of music released by the label. I've chosen some of my favourites from their so-called "blue note" era, around 95-98 though there are a couple of earlier and one later tracks included in the mix.

I initially fell in love with the labels more technical sounds - Source Direct and J Majik as well as the militant stompings of Doc Scott & Dillinja, later I came to feel the jazzier funk leanings of Geordie heroes Hidden Agenda and then the more rolling sounds of Optical, Ed Rush & Grooverider. And obviously the label wouldn't be what is is without co-founder Goldie/Rufige Kru, alongside Kemistry (sadly she passed away in an accident in 1999) and Storm.

This one goes out to my old friend Mellow, a lot of these tracks remind me of her and my time in England.

Metalheadz Retrospective Mix - Right Click to Download


Doc Scott - Far Away
Hidden Agenda - Is It Love
Lemon D - Urban Style Music
Hidden Agenda - No Man's Land
J Majik - The Spell
Lemon D - In My Life
Hidden Agenda - Get Carter
Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix)
Codename John - Structure Of Red
Dillinja - Promise
Doc Scott - Drumz 95
Rufige Kru - Ark Angel 3
Rufige Kru - Dark Metal
Rufige Kru - Dark Metal (Source Direct  Remix)
Peshay - The Nocturnal (Back On The Firm)
Source Direct - The Cult
J-Majik - Your Sound (Remix)
Dillinja - Jah No Ya Big
Source Direct - Stonekiller
Optical - To Shape The Future
Optical - To Shape The Future Remix
Lemon D - Universal Soldier
Digital - Metro
Doc Scott - Swarm
Dillinja - The Angel Fell
Ed Rush - The Raven
Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost

Yeah I know the Kemistry release was on FRRR but it was pretty much a platform for bigger Metalheadz releases as far as I can tell.

Cheers to Tris and the NCLbeats crew.

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