Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Deep Jungle & Atmospheric Drum & Bass for Newcastle Beats Radio

Here's an atmospheric/deep drum & bass mix for the Newcastle Beats radio show that was broadcast on NE1FM, Newcastle upon Tyne, on February the 20th of 2014. All the tracks in this mix are mint. I fancy doing a part 2 for this simply because this mix is vibesin'. Big up Mat Ruckuz for the Radio play.

20140215 Newcastle Beats Atmospheric Drum & Bass Mix - Right Click to Download

Nookie - A Drum, A Bass & A Piano
The Sentinel - Pulse of Life
B.L.I.M. - Their Culture
Organic Synthetic - Procedural Blends
Pfm - Mystics
Basic Unit - White Blossom
Axis - Euphory
Big Bud - Emotionography
ASC - Stardust
Big Bud - Pure
Motive One - Cosmik
Seba - Camouflage
Photek - Heavy Vibes
Intensity - Shadows
Shogun - Wind Dancer (Remix)
Motive One - Life
Seba & Lotek - Sonic Winds

Also big ups to Tris for the hosting.

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