Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Deep Jungle & Atmospheric Drum & Bass Mix II - The Return of The Mix

I enjoyed the last Deep Jungle & Atmospheric Drum & Bass mix so much I had to do another.

Having tried my hand at atmospheric mixes a few times over the last decade or so, I have to tip my hat to LTJ Bukem who's early mixes were a real inspiration to me. These atmospheric mixes are tricky and fun and occasionally, if you're lucky enough, a smashed-together combo sounds sublime. Bukem must have spent a great deal of time curating and organising his mixes so respect is due.

This is for the upcoming northern hemisphere summer. Soak up the sun and soak up the vibes. Big love to all.

Primer - 20140416 - Deep Jungle & Atmospheric Drum & Bass

The Alliance - Virtual Heaven
Foul Play - Beats Track
Ltj Bukem - Music (Peshay Rework)
Q Project - The Instrumental
Rood Project - Thunder
Code 071 - A London Sumtin (The 1994 Re-Interpretation)
Pfm - The Eleventh Hour
Appaloosa - Travelling
Source Direct - Different Groove
Big Bud - State Of Mind
T-Power - Octogon
Artemis - Elysian Fields
PHD & The Funky Technicians - Above And Beyond
Brothers With Soul - Music Is So Special
Dead Calm - Urban Style (Original Mix)
Funky Technicians - Airtight (Total Science Remix)
Jmj & Richie - Free La Funk
PHD & Conrad - Presence (Instrumental 12 Mix)
Nookie - Only You
Foi - Exidus
Source Direct - Artificial Barriers
Oblivion - Sands Of Time
Foi - Time
A-Sides - Murder
Code of Practice - Can We Change The Future (Sounds of Life Remix)

Cheers to Tris for the hosting.

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